Tools of Letting Go: The Fifth Way to No Mind

What’s This “No Mind” Thing?

My friend and latest teacher, Andy Shaw, has recently turned me back onto what I now know is the key to following your bliss. Andy called it “No Mind,” a a state in which you allow yourself to simply be and totally accept what is. You can learn from Andy how to produce No Mind in a free Creating A Bug Free Mind Starter Kit.

The best way I have found to really, really experience No Mind is by doing an examination I learned from Hail Dwoskin, author and teacher of the Sedona Method. Hail calls this examination The Fifth Way of Releasing. Watch the video below as I take you to No Mind using The Fifth Way…

Using The Fifth Way of Releasing from Sedona Method to get to No Mind

The Fifth Way in review:

tools1.  Focusing in your heart, rather than your head, sit back inside yourself, and simply notice what is. As you look beyond memory, thought, emotion: what is actually here, now?

2.  Ask yourself, is there really a separate me, or is that just memory? When you really focus inside in this present moment, just check. Is there a separate me?

Practice The Fifth Way whenever and wherever you can, so that it eventually becomes your home base of living. No Mind is, after all, who you really are, nothing more and nothing less. No Mind = Presence = The place or space where all that Is uniquely you is present. This place of No Mind or Presence or Isness is where your greatest ideas and inspirations will emerge.

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David H. Paul