The Tools of Letting Go: Mastermind Group Release

What Does It Mean to Release?

A release is just a way of Letting Go of whatever stands in the way of your experience of peace in this present moment. In the Sedona Method, Hale Dwoskin helps us release wanting. Most of the time, what stands between just wishing for and actually having our hearts desires (our bliss) is wanting; wanting approval, control, security or survival, or separateness or oneness. The question, here is, would I rather just want to have my bliss, or would it be okay for my bliss to Be my present experience?

The Tools of Letting Go Mastermind Group Release

Here is the release, from Sedona Method, that we are currently using in our Tools of Letting Go Mastermind Course at Unity Spiritual Center of Central MN.

Get the Group Release PDF –>>  The Tools of Letting Go Group Release

Is The Release Working? Release

The results in using this Sedona Method group release have been excellent. The Tools of Letting Go Mastermind Group has been helping members to, first find that place of peace within, and then watch as inspiration bubbles from the Divine within. Holding that space of peace within the Mastermind has been a brilliant way to help our members experience more peace and success in overcoming the obstacle that used to keep us from experiencing and Following our Bliss.

To your Peace and Prosperity,

David H. Paul


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